Government College Alewa, Jind is a prestigious Higher Education Institution established in 2017  and committed to provide quality education to the students and to prepare them for their career. The motto of college activities is to develop core competence among the students and inculcate in them a profound orientation for the Welfare of society. The Vision and Mission of the college is as following:



 to create and sustain an institute par excellence dedicated to value based education that juxtaposes professionalism with Humanism and to to pursue unending quest forever knowledge




 The faculty students administration and  supporting staff are working hard as a team by following certain parameters at their mission. The main points of the mission are as under:


  • Empower youth to transform challenges into opportunities
  • Shape their aspiration and long cherished dreams 
  • Inculcate the habit of Thinking analytically and critically
  • To give quality education and encourage creative exploration
  •  To develop a spirit of professionalism in them and preparing them for dynamic role in their career.
  • To provide them best of infrastructure and other facilities for studies and other co curricular activities.
  • To inculcate in them a spirit of social and humanistic orientation by conversing with them about values ,ethics and social conduct.
  • To prepare them for their career by addressing their entrepreneurial  skills through training programs, workshops ,extension lectures and placement job fairs.
  • To develop in them a strong sense for healthy and hygienic lifestyle by motivating them for regular exercise ,good diet habits and the importance of cleanliness.
  • To provide faculty and supporting staff favourable environment and participatory working conditions so that they grow simultaneously while doing their job and they remain self inspired and motivated